Sunday, August 24, 2014

eight things in my garden now

Hi friends! So much has been happening. I did not mean to take such a long blog break! We've been very busy in the garden, we've been visiting friends, we've been sending kids off on trips, we've been celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, we've been hosting company. We're so blessed! But I miss my creative time. It's always a struggle to get back in to my groove when I finally have a bit of quiet time for myself again. I can't decide which of the many photos or events I should blog about...should I sew something or make a scrapbook page? Sketch something? I just need to do ANYTHING creative (that's not cooking or baking!) I've found that the fastest way to propel myself back into a creative mode is to take a walk through the yard while looking through my lens. Yesterday after sitting in the sun with my tea I just grabbed my camera and took some impressions of my garden right now to share with you. Enjoy!  

1. Ginger tea with new fall catalogs and inspiring magazines. August was mostly cold and rainy and I don't mind at all dreaming about cozy fall days! In fact I've been like a squirrel searching for nuts  - but in my case  - searching for lovely autumn images and ideas here. The new catalog from one of my favorite designers is as always a beautiful work of art. 
 2. My kitty Shadow has been extremely latched on to me the last few days after our summer guests departed and the house feels so quiet. He found a warm spot to nest under the grapes and next to the wood pile while I sat with my tea and magazines at the garden table.
3. Our wine grapes growing and getting juicier each day. I must make them into juice this year instead of letting the birds nibble away at them (although I do like watching the birds!)
4. Sunny yellow flowers from my mother-in-law's garden, and she originally took the offshoots from her mom's  garden. I never met my husband's grandma but I love that every summer we have her flowers in our yard!
 5. Colorful window boxes full of blossoms and thriving despite the cool summer.
 6. This blushing beauty by our front door, even lovelier with rain drops.
 7. Heather blooming. So happy it survived a year! I don't often have good luck with heather...
 8. A white rose I could not resist buying this spring, but I haven't yet found a permanent spot to plant it. Seems to be okay with living in a pot, a slightly tippy one on the incline of our yard, nevertheless it has bloomed all summer.
Do you spy Shadow here? He's very good at blending in.

Thanks so much for visiting!