Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas market

I know you are curious about my market and I am happy to say it was a lovely weekend once again with lots of sales.
One of the best parts though is when I have a helper and I can sneak away for a ride on this carriage. How I enjoy the clop-clop and jingle bells of the horses! With the half-timbered houses, fairy lights in the twillight, hot spiced-wine to sip, and a brass band playing carols, Christmas in Germany is really all my romantic heart yearns for this time of the year!
I never would have dreamed I would be able to sell my crafts at a market like this! I'm so grateful to so many friends and people we know for stopping by to say hello because the days are long and cold, I am also thankful to our super nice neigbhor who for the third year has lended me his portable heater which I could not survive without! At this point I should probably invest in my own, although I'm not sure if I'll do this market next year or try a more arts and crafts type of indoors show. We will see.
(Sorry for the blurry photo but you get the idea!)
One thing that was new this year was a collabaration with my artist friend Dagmar who joined me to exhibit some of her jewelry at my booth. Dagmar is super creative and artistic and a lovely person and I was thrilled to have her with me. Her jewelry and my fabric creations really complimented each other well and we both had fun selling. Here is a bracelet I bought from her, actually to give to someone else although I would kind of like to keep it for myself now!
She also sold dozens of whimsical collage magnets in various styles. I bought a few and they are already adorning our fridge.
Aren't they fun? I love the Italy map and coin!
Is it Wednesday already? Time is flying! Stay tuned, I have some lovely cards I will share with you tomorrow.

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