Wednesday, November 26, 2014

twenty-four little surprises

Every year my children look forward to their Advent calendar. But why should the fun just be for little ones?
So this year, we decided that they should make Advent calendars for their grandparents!

Since my parents live an ocean away, we have already finished their calendar and it will hopefully be arriving in their mailbox in the next few days.
My daughter and I cut out 24 stars and she numbered them all in her pretty handwriting. It would ruin the surprises if I gave away all the gifts but I will share that some of them are little messages. We searched for lovely Christmas quotes and the children copied them in their best writing.
I think in the age of e-mails and instant messages, there is something deeply precious and personal about a handwritten note.
I love crafting and wrapping gifts and am glad my kids do too!  A pot of spiced tea and scented candles made the "it's-not-quite-Christmas-time-yet" atmosphere more festive and cozy.
We added gold to the edges of the stars and attached them to the gifts with double-sided tape.

When the calendar arrives, my parents have the assignment of finding a pretty tray or bowl in which to display their 24 little packages. Of course they also have to be sure to open their gift every day!
This weekend we will make another calendar for my husband's parents. It will look different and I promise to share it here!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

How lovely, that is a precious gift for your parents Karen! :)
V x

nest full of eggs said...

What a fun and sweet project!
We have some people in our household who are really looking forward to December 1st!
Happy Advent Calendar opening to your family :)

rahel said...

Lovely. I wanted to make small calendars for my sisters and mother this year... and I just did not get around to it. But the one for my kids is almost finished. It consists mostly of books with Christmas-/ winter-related stories. I already look forward to our story-telling-hour each day.
Happy Advent!

Meine Dinge Franka said...

Was für eine nette Idee!

Viel Freude im Advent!

♥ Franka