Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall is the best

Love love love fall!
I've noticed so many bloggers feel the same.
This vibrant season is so alive and stimulating to all the senses.
"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower".
-Albert Camus

(If you think about it - that's a lot of flowers!)
I love walking through the crunchy leaves.
I delay sweeping and raking a tiny bit - not because I am lazy - but because the ground just looks so beautiful.
My children love carving their jack-o-lanterns.
Life is an adventure!
We enjoyed a lovely fall break on Lake Zurich and in the Black Forest and Alsace, forest and mountain hiking, eating well, city shopping, discovering, reconnecting, hanging out with friends and family. We visited rushing waterfalls, an adorable waffle cafe, and a farm with a huge selection of pumpkins and apples.
Our family spent a few nights in a very small apartment and honesty, we got on each other's nerves. At certain moments I vowed this would be the last family vacation with teenagers, but in the end, everyone agreed we all had fun! I think we all felt incredibly re-energized when we got back home.
So much harvest produce and fabulous pumpkin carving art at this Swiss farm!
Sunshine and mountain air and pretty Swiss flags everywhere.
Life is back to normal and the skies have turned gray and rainy but that is fine with me. I am happy to be in my cozy studio making, sewing, crafting, dreaming! 
Happy November!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well truth be told I'm a spring lover but I do love the colours of autumn!
So glad you had a lovely holiday despite teenage squabbles but that's only natural!
Your photos are amazing. :)
V x

Anna-Marie Field said...

So glad you had a little fall break and it sounds like it was a perfect family break-away!!!!!!!! Have a fab weekend!!!