Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October days

Don't cozy October days just make you feel like nesting and decorating your home? I've been "shopping my home" for vintage finds, candles, flowers, and gourds to rearrange daily! When I saw this bottle of port wine at my in-laws a couple years ago I begged them not to throw it away but give it to me when it was empty. Anything with my birth year right next to the word "vintage" just makes me laugh!
The walnut tree in our backyard has hundreds of nuts. Every day there are more walnuts in the dewy grass under the tree to be found. We are all busy like squirrels collecting and spreading them out in the sun to dry. Strangely I haven't seen any real squirrels yet. I miss them.
The roses are blooming so fragrantly and the last sunflowers are bringing us so much brightness and light - especially on those foggy mornings until the autumn sun burns through. I love sunflowers! My nine-year-old took this snapshot of me in the garden.
The sweetest owl ever was born in my studio -
not of my hands but my daughter's. She sewed and sewed away and I was amazed at what she made! Miss Owl has a very clever pocket in which my daughter tucked a special note and huge chocolate lollypop. She then wrapped a satin ribbon around her closed wings and tied it all up with a bow to delight a dear girlfriend. Such a lucky friend!
In the quiet moments in the last week I have immersed myself in the paintings and life of Van Gogh, inspired by this workshop. So glad I signed up. I've dusted off my art books and am taking notes like the art history student I once was long ago and am busy sketching in my journal. Promising myself to take me and my kids to a Van Gogh exhibit this winter.
And....on these October days...a great deal of cooking and baking has been happening in the kitchen. Please visit me here next week for some delicious autumn-inspired recipes!
See you then!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

All those walnuts, you are so lucky! I adore sunflowers too they are definitely my favourite flower.
What a clever girl your daughter is such a lovely thoughtful gift for her friend.
By the way if 1970 is vintage then I'm ancient!!!! ;)
V x

Cathy Daniel said...

Ha! I was just going to say that 1970 is a very young vintage, too, compared to me! Love your daughter's owl - she must get her creativity from you, by the sounds of it. xCathy

Tante Mali said...

Karen! Wie wundervoll! Du hast noch Sonnenblumen bekommen! Oh und seufz! Sie bringen wirklich die Sonne in einen Oktoberraum! Ganz reizend dekoriert!
Danke für deinen lieben Besuch! Was ich mich freue, dass es dir bei mir gefällt.
Eine wundervolle Zeit

a tale from toadstoolhouse said...

Hi Karen, your home is looking gorgeous and cosy. Well done to your daughter on making the owl , its gorgeous. Looking forward to the recipies next week. Thankyou for popping in to see me too.Xxxxx