Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What's growing in the garden.....?

This is the time of the year the vegetable garden is so clean and neat and full of promises! Soon it will threaten to become an unwieldy, crazy jungle. My intentions to keep on top of things and be very attentive never cease to be damped when overnight nature explodes into green growth everywhere! Luckily, I do have several helpers who all enjoy spending time harvesting, weeding, keeping things a bit under control.
There's a lovely patch of herbs and lettuces. A big field of lettuce appeared on its own after some lettuce flowered and spread seeds last summer. It's wonderful to gather right before dinner however as much as I try to love all of God's creatures I'm never that thrilled to find the slugs....ugghh...I know they are hungry too but they should go eat somewhere else!
The rucola /rocket appeared as a bit of a surprise. I planted it last summer, what a delight to  see it come back. So very spicy and delicious, just love mixing all the greens I can find to make a tasty salad. (And the slugs avoid the rocket which just pleases me to no end!)
The herb garden is thriving.
Neat rows of potatoes and broccoli and cabbages.
Strawberries are flowering and my youngest son reports sighting little green berries.(He's my sweet tooth berry boy. He's also got an eye on the cherry tree and the currant bushes....!)
Hello pumpkins! I collected seeds from a pumpkin from last summer like I do every year. Seems like a miracle to me every time when little green leaves poke out of the dirt. I started them in the house and then planted the babies into the garden last week. Right among the baby Christmas trees! Yes, my husband bought some pine trees a couple years ago....someday...we will have our own Christmas tree right from our garden, maybe!
Right now they are still quite little and seem to be enjoying being neighbors with the rhubarb.
Last year I did so much scrapbooking...I even made a few pages about my pumpkins.It's just so fun to experience the miracle of growing things.
The children planted some beans right before Easter - actually, it was a church project in Lent with a little twig cross. It was just perfect to see new life coming. Those poor beans are still waiting patiently to find their spots in the garden. I hope the children enjoy eating their beans as much as they enjoy helping in the garden. I'm sure they wish gummi bears and chocolate would grow so abundantly out in the back yard!
Wishing you a lovely day and abundance!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe its all looking lovely Karen, I think I might plant some rocket if the slugs don't like it! They get everywhere those slugs!!
I too wish chocolate would grow in my back yard. ;)
V xxx

Chrysalis said...

The garden and scrapbook are lovely, Karen. I could do with a loan of your helpers, if you can spare them!! Have a great week, Chris x