Monday, October 7, 2013

woodland inspired

All summer I heard on owl hooting in the middle of the night in our garden. My daughter and husband claimed they've heard him before in previous years, but I guess I was always sound asleep!

We've had lots of birthdays in the family recently so I've been busy making handmade cards.
Also have been busy creating little owls for new garlands in my shop. The new Estykids Team Shopping guide is out and several of my shop products have been featured, you can see them here and here. Love all the beautiful products available from talented members of this team!
Our Saturday was a day of nonstop, pouring rain! I really don't mind that because that's the only time I can convince my husband to go on an Ikea outing. My middle son has been waiting patiently for some bedroom upgrades from little-kid to teen and we're all happy for the improvements his room got this weekend.
Sunday the sun came out in patches and my husband and i took a nice long walk in the forest. Every time an acorn fell it was accompanied by a symphony of raindrops falling on leaves. There are fungi popping up everywhere and the trees are still lush green yet leaves are gently twirling to the ground...
Love these little woodland owls. Check out my pinterest board for lots of woodland inspiration and cute craft ideas to do with your kids!

Happy Monday!

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nest full of eggs said...

I want to steal your idea of sewing fabric triangles onto cards to make festive birthday cards!