Monday, October 28, 2013

something's brewing

Overnight the day got dark an hour earlier. Frightful gusts of warm wind make the leaves dance and twist high in the sky, on the ground they swirl at my feet.
Three children who can be the best of friends  - but not always - gathered together for a little carving party at the kitchen table. In the evening, three jack-o-lanterns appeared, two at the front door, one out the kitchen window.
The weather is stormy and I've already seen two trees down. Fingers crossed & prayers for safety all around where this storm is passing through.
The children are excited about parties and friends Thursday evening.
On the menu tonight - pumpkin soup (recipe soon I hope!) and homemade bread. I'm trying out a new recipe tonight for foccacia with olives & sun-dried tomatoes, and rosemary. The dough smells so good!

Hope the start of your week is not too blustery!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Take care in those winds!! We were very lucky as the storm didn't move northwards and it passed us by, thankfully.
Wonderful pumpkins! :)
V xxx

Larisa said...

Oh it was soooo windy here today!! A very cold day after some warm and sunny days. I love the pumpkins near the door Karen! So pretty! The combination of white and bright orange is very effective. Pumpkin soup is one of my favourite and I too love it with home made bread. :-)

Helen - sittinginthekitchensink said...

That foccacia sounds delicious! Hope the winds didn't cause too much chaos in your part of the world x

Ivy Clad said...

Nothing like homemade bread on a dreary night! I hope you sustained no damage from the storm. Your children's pumpkins are adorable.

I hope you're enjoying the season!

Ivy Clad said...

Hi Karen!
Just stopping to wish you a (slightly belated) Happy New Year!


Judith said...

It has been too long since I have visited here...I haven't been travelling around the blog universe much of late. Wishing you well for the new year, Karen. xxx