Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn giveaway! (closed)

Welcome to my first giveaway ever!
I know so many of us are in love with fall! To celebrate this vibrant season, I am going to be sending a lucky winner this gorgeous magazine and my little handmade owl.
He's so cute, he'll just fit in the palm of your hand and will be sure to be a loyal friend all year round.
The magazine is a current issue called "Herbst Deko" which means "autumn decor". But even if you don't read German you'll just love the DIY ideas, fabulous photos, home-decor inspiration and beautiful images in this autumn issue. (For years I subscribed to MarieClaire Ideas without understanding much more than "Bonjour" and "Merci" -sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!)

But if you do know German, you'll love it too!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment here or on my facebook page or both :) You are also more than welcome to help me spread the word by linking the giveaway on your blog or facebook (I'd be ever so pleased - please let me know if you do!) I'd just love you to participate!

I will announce the winner next Tuesday October 15th and you will receive your package promptly!

Thanks for joining in and good luck! 


rahel said...

Even here autumn is starting. There could be a bit more colourful leaves for my tatse, but it's nice anyway. Your owl is lovely and in case I would winn, she (he?) would get a very cozy place with us under the pecan tree :o)

memmu said...
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Mervi said...

Oh Karen, this is a lovely giveaway! I love the german magazines and your craftings are always wonderful. The owl is so cute!

It's been a lovely fall up here. Unusually warm and not too much rain, wonderful colors everywhere and no snow yet. I love it like this!

Let's enjoy it as long as it lasts!

Janine Marques said...

My dear Katie it is a lovely giveaway, the owls it´s beautiful, i´m so happy to join in :)
Thank you for the opportunity

Betty the Wood Fairy said...

I would love to read a german magazine like this if posting abroad is included. I can't read the language but would enjoy the pictures! Betty

Karen said...

Betty, I certainly will be sending this wherever in the world the winner is!

Thanks all of you for your lovely comments :)


Lesa McMahon said...

What a sweet giveaway. :)

lesajm AT hotmail DOT com

Larisa said...

Hi Karen, I just discovered your blog through Flickr. I really like the things your create and especially the garlands, mushrooms and soft toys. The owl is very cute and matches the fall season perfectly with its brownish colours. Love the idea of using buttons for the eyes. :-) What a lovely first ever giveaway!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh what a gorgeous giveaway Karen...thank goodness I didn't miss it!!
Please put my name in the hat, I've got everything crossed! :)
V xxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I've put a little link to your giveaway on my sidebar!
V xxx

Ivy Clad said...

Hi Karen,

Well you know how I love your handmade creations; I'm thrilled to get a stab at winning one! (Owls also happen to be a favorite muse.) And I'll pin the giveaway to some of my Pinterest boards, and there's a link in the sidebar on my blog.

I hope you're enjoying fall. The weather here has been nothing short of perfect.