Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn around here

There are so many beautiful images of fall homes and decor I've been seeing lately and I've been having fun pinning some favorites on my autumn board. It's also inspired me to take a few photos of fall in our home & garden to share with you.

To me, fall in the home is celebrating the colors & the harvest, bringing in nature, lots of DIY crafts (from now and from years past), many candles and of course, cozy cats lounging around!  What is it for you? I'd love your comments!
 A basket of real apples & sewn pears are pretty on the table.
The hedge out the front window becomes bright red in September, it's short lived but a simply glorious red that just glows! Now it's nearly all gone. I love this little bird hopping around under the peach tree. He reminds me of a bird I sewed many years ago...
...on this felted, beloved sweater, which was upcycled to a bag, which I didn't like, so then it became a pillow a few years ago. I love it on the sofa! Even the buttons were upcycled finds from the thrift shop.
Sofas and chairs must have generous piles of pillows and blankets and dozing cats to become really cozy!
The sunflower & lavender wreath I made last year hangs on the front door. You can see it here. A cat at the door isn't bad, either. Is he guarding us or just amusing himself with the little black bird hopping around? You know cats are great multi-taskers, it's probably a bit of both! (and a nap at the same time, too!)
My little son and I gathered some gorgeous things from the garden and made a nature mobile for his bedroom. Our favorite part was the gathering! It turned out lovely but got a bit wilted by the time I had a good moment for taking a photo. You'll just have to trust me on that :)
Oh hi, it's me! My sweet husband took a snapshot of me the other day. One thing I love about the fall is getting out the sweaters. When we hike around in the forest I love wearing this gorgeous wool poncho - I bought it years ago and remember really debating it as it was organic and even marked down very expensive. It's definitely been worth it! Less things, better things....better in the end.
Sunflowers in the kitchen. The last ones from the garden this year....oh how I love them!
Also in my kitchen...snuggled amongst my collecting of cups and teas and this and that, a Halloween candle and a ghost who feels right at home with my angel.
On Saturday I lugged a few of the MANY & very HEAVY pumpkins down from the veggie patch to my favorite little outdoor spot, only to find out that my favorite little spot now has to make way for firewood. I was a bit mad. But it happens every fall. I should know by now! Plus my husband is right....warmth over prettiness....I'll really agree with that once it gets cold!
Our yard and veggie patch yesterday. It has been unseasonably warm - even hot - this week, although as I type it is raining cats and dogs so don't be jealous of our beautiful sun.
Goodness that was a lot of photos! Hope you enjoyed seeing our crafty, natural little home in the autumn - thanks for looking and have a lovely day!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Karen, you should write your own inspiration magazine, so many more lovely photos of autumn!
Lovely to see you too!
So much to love...the pear..the sunflowers..the kitties..the pumpkins...the angel...all of it really!
Happy Wednesday my friend,
V xxx

Country Rabbit said...

your home is beautiful Karen and so are you xx

Penny said...

Hello Karen
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, it's great to read this very autumnal post and sure looks cosy with pillows, cats and all those autumnal colours. I love the pumpkins that came from your veggie patch, they are incredible...if only I could grow similar :o)
I'm looking forward to this weekend and being very cosy with candles, quilts and fairy lights whilst crocheting away! xox Penny

Larisa said...

What a lovely Autumn post Karen! Your beautiful photos bring back so many childhood memories. Autumn to me is a change in the air, the freshness and coolness of mornings, the cosiness of wool/angora sweaters... and of course the deep, rich colours of trees, yellow birch leaves and bright red rowan berries. Autumn bouquets and piles of dry leaves on streets, the first snowflakes that melt before they reach the ground. Jam making and picnics. Love your little pretty spot and the pumpkins. The pear looks so good! Thank you for sharing!