Monday, September 23, 2013

Sewing with Amy Butler: Kimono

This summer my daughter and I did a sewing project together using Amy Butler's pattern for the Kimono-style bathrobe from her "In Stitches" book.
Our daughter really had longed for her own sewing machine after years of sewing and practicing on my machine, so for her 16th birthday last winter we saved up and bought her a very nice machine. I had received a similar model from the same company (Pfaff) when she was a baby and I really love this machine - it's just as great now as it was 16 years ago. I  was a bit sad to see that the new  Pfaff machines are no longer made in Germany, but that's how things have changed in a decade or two. It's still an excellent machine, I hope. So far my daughter has sewn some little hearts that she filled with lavender, and some covered clothes hangers. But I was looking for a more complex project for her to really get to know her machine better. The Kimono robe was just perfect.
My daughter chose a pretty floral fabric to work with -
-and I went with an Amy Butler print. I love the earthy & sky colors and paisley design.
We then set to work cutting out the pattern, much of it we had to measure ourselves as it was simply rectangular pieces. 
We had our two machines set up on the dining room table and it was really fun to sew simultaneously!

The robes were done in no time (an hour here, an hour there, we were done in a few days). This is a great pattern for beginners.  I might add pockets on my robe later (there was more yardage required than actually needed), but for now, it's just fine and I love seeing it hanging on my armoire when I wake up in the morning!

I really like the  Gypsy Caravan fabrics in violet/mauves and would love to make a quilt for my bedroom as my next Amy Butler project. Maybe next summer :) Take a look at her free online magazine Blossom  -  so inspiring! 
Thanks for looking and have a lovely day!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

They're beautiful, how lovely to make something together!
Your daughter is obviously as talented as her mother! :)
My daughter and I both have Pfaff sewing machines too!
V xxx

nest full of eggs said...

You have been sewing up a storm lately! Now that you and your daughter both have a sewing machine you sure have fun sewing sessions together! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

A fabulous gift for your daughter and one that she will use the rest of her life (experience) and the memories of sewing with her mother. I got my first machine at age 17 - worked at night and bought it myself - am now 59 years young and am at my machine almost daily still having tons of fun and making all the things I can't buy for myself because too expensive. Blessings.