Thursday, July 4, 2013

fresh from the garden

These are the days when we can add something fresh from the garden to every meal.
I love sprinkling fresh chives onto soup or salad. We have so many chives I have chopped them and put them in the freezer to use all year round.And there are still more growing! My son loves to fry himself an egg and he will go out to the garden and grab some parsley and chives to sprinkle on top. My other son goes crazy for the berries and is a great picker. Gardening is definitely a family affair. Without every one pitching in I would be overwhelmed by the work! 
This year I planted two rocket /arugula plants next to the lettuce and I've been adding a handful of chopped rocket greens to our salads. It adds an amazing spicy nutty flavor. Wow!

My zucchinis are coming along and the other day I was so absent-minded that out of habit I bought several at the supermarket when here they are, right in my garden! The blooms are beautiful, aren't they.

Kitty likes to follow me through the veggie patch and tickle his nose with all these fresh, lovely scents.
There must be thousands of little currants - red and white - they look so pretty in the morning dew.
Every day brings more abundance. I love it! We are blessed.
Happy garden days to you! 


Ivy Clad said...

Karen, this is a beautiful post. Your garden is what my garden dreams have been made of this year. I had hoped for a veggie/fruit plot, but the backyard construction has gone slower than planned. Maybe next year.

The zucchini flowers are so, so pretty. I could look at them all day.


Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi Karen,You are indeed blessed with abundance!!!Nice to think you'll be having your own vegies and herbs next winter!!!
Have a happy weekend!!!