Tuesday, June 25, 2013

sweet (with the calories!)

Sweet - with the calories this time- but the good kind, the delicious and healthy kind, fresh from the garden!
Last week's heat wave really helped to ripen all the tiny green strawberries in our garden. We have about 5 rows, each with 8 -10 plants. Too much for us to eat and giveaway, so I usually freeze some of the berries for smoothies. I also make a several dozen jars of jam to enjoy throughout the year and to give to friends. 
This week it's been cloudy and cool, very pleasant weather for strawberry picking, actually. Hopefully summer sun will return again soon though! 
I had two boys in the kitchen helping me make jam and one girl who designed and hand wrote two dozen  jam labels. I also am happy that everyone in the family took turns picking. It's always fun to help when you can nibble something sweet while working.
My mom sent me some recipe links for strawberry syrup which I hope to try soon. In the meantime, one recipe, which included orange juice and liquor, inspired me to add a splash of Cointreau to one batch of jam. I have a faithful bottle that is quite dusty :) Mmmmm - a delicious combination! 
In a few days I'll be back with "sweet, part three". With or without the calories? You guess!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

How wonderful to have so many plants with so much fruit! I just have a couple of plants with just enough strawberries for a nibble when gardening!
Your jam looks amazing . :)
V xxx

Lui said...

Oh I love strawberries but it is too hot in our place to grow ;-(

And the home made jam and hand made label is way too special! Whoever receives it will treasure it ;-)

Patrice said...


Kim Cunningham said...

Love your handwritten jam labels! Adorable!

Lollaswelt said...

Hallo Karen,

waaaas ihr habt soviele Erdbeerpflanzen??!! Was habt ihr für einen riesen Garten?

Ich hab' am Wochenende auch Marmelade eingekocht, es wurden aber nur 5 Gläser, weil meine Familie mir ganz still und heimlich immer wieder ein paar Erdbeeren aus dem Kühlschrank "geklaut" hat. Und "schwupps" waren es statt 2kg nur noch 1kg Erdbeeren.

Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir!

Liebe Grüße,

June Caedmon said...

Sounds like a lovely day of berry picking & jamming! How blessed you are!