Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Market Impressions

Hello! I've recovered from my busy busy weekend at the spring/Easter market and I'm back with some impressions for my readers from near and far to enjoy!

There were so many beautiful products and stands set up and I only took a few photos - after all, I was busy at my own stand! There were many special things that I wasn't able to get photographed - but these are some of the items that caught my eye. I felt like a reporter asking people for permission to photograph and blog about their wares! Most people were absolutely thrilled. And if they have a website, I promised I would add the link.
So without further ado....
...let's start with one of my favorite things...
These beautiful organic and handmade chocolates were from a charming young woman with her own local business - Nina's Pralinen Manufaktur - of course we were not able to leave the market without purchasing some of these on behalf of the Easter Bunny! If you know some German, spend some time at her webpage, she has a lovely video showing her making her pralines!

Moving on...there were gorgeous glossy ceramics and delicate floral arrangements.
I was grateful for the lively Irish and folky Medieval music provided by a talented young man who seemed to have stepped out of another century. He spent hours entertaining the crowd. Find him here.
There was Limoncello and other delicacies from Italy and local gourmet cheeses from here. Delicious, believe me!
I felt quite humbled to have my little creations at the market and pleased with my sales and the experience I gained. I do enjoy chatting with the other vendors and customers and met some really lovely people!
At one point, Bacchus (also known by his Greek name Dionysos) appeared with two lovely maidens. Yes, he has a glass of sparkling wine in one hand and an oversized glass of wine in the other! At one point, while his maiden was having the hardest time deciding which floral pouch of mine she liked better, I was convinced he was going to spill the huge glass of wine all over my products! It was just precariously tipping closer and closer while he tried to advise her. Luckily, all was well in the end and I'm sure she'll love the pouch she finally selected.
The townspeople of Bacharach have been producing wine forever. It's nestled right between the Rhine river and the steep vineyards.  I managed a quick walk through town Sunday and took some photos - I'll share my snapshots tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed my impressions of this little market. See you tomorrow! 



greenrabbitdesigns said...

So glad the market was a success for you Karen and that you enjoyed yourself .
Everything looked so lovely, limoncello and chocolate, mmmmm! :)
V xxx

nest full of eggs said...

Thanks so much for sharing the spring market with us, Karen. I have never been to one, so I was curious to see. The chocolates look divine and the ceramic eggs look lovely.
So glad to hear that it was a good experience, do you plan to sell your items again next year at the spring market?

sallyavena said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It was fun to check yours out...it made me miss Germany, especially the chocolate! I lived in Hamburg for a year as an exchange student and then studied German in college. Love all your Spring/Easter inspired things you were selling at the market!

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi, It looks like a wonderful time was had by all!! And such lovely Easter Eggs!!!
Hope you had a very successful day!! Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!!!!!