Monday, January 28, 2013

starting off the new week

Is your new week getting off to a good start?

This is how I love Monday mornings ....
the sun sparkling through a crystal heart (looking a bit dusty ::)
casting rainbows through my studio
we haven't really seen you Mr Sun in 2013  - you've been quite hidden by clouds!
 listening my way through a stack of favorite CDs 

sorting through a  big pile of fabrics in pretty colors on my table for a custom order
sewing tiny fabric animals for a mobile &
imagining this mobile soon hanging in a sweet baby's bedroom
 oh I nearly forgot: my ever faithful companion dozing nearby (and basking in the sun!)

 pleased about recent orders off to Germany and Bella Italia....
Happy that I can share it all with you here!
I think I will even hum a tune after I have to leave my studio for other less pleasant work calling....Mr. Mop and Mr. Vacuum cleaner .... I can hear Mr Washing Machine spinning which means he'll be calling me too in a few minutes.  (Why I am calling everything Mr today? The sun must just be making me giddy! Sigh..!)

Have a great Monday & a lovely week!


nest full of eggs said...

lovely day !
especially the pile of fabric :)
I hate it when Mr mop calls my name :(

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Not just us humans who like Mr Sun, kitties everywhere love it! :)
Aren't Mr Mop and Mr Vacuum such boring people!!! ;)
Happy new week Karen,
Vivienne x

Mervi said...

Sounds like a lovely day... you've been enjoying yourself :)!

Your crafts are absolutely delightful! I've been crocheting but I miss sewing... maybe next weekend!

Have a nice week!!!