Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hello, dear readers! May this new year be filled with lots of pretty things and bring you much inspiration, joy and many many happy moments!
Last month I made a “December Daily” scrapbook (see here for inspiration). For years I've been watching people make these and have always wanted to journal my December but I had two obstacles - the first being what most busy moms have - lack of TIME! Especially in December! This however is exactly why taking some notes and photos and putting it all together in a book is such a powerful way to live those moments with full awareness. I will share a tip with you on how I managed to squeeze time for journaling in my next post.

The second obstacle for me is the photos. I always process my photos in large batches 2 or 3 times a year. Scrapbooking supplies are such a great inspiration for getting creative but they certainly add up in cost very quickly so I'm happy if I can at least get a discount on photo developing. The “December Daily” idea is to work on the album day by day as events are happening. Some people do put their albums together first and add the photos later but I need my photo before I can start a page. So I splurged on instant photo processing in a local shop - it's ridiculous how much that costs – but the price was worth it – I was on schedule with my album and had a lot of fun putting it together! I know we will always enjoy looking back at this little book.

I'll be back tomorrow with lots more details on how I made this album and peaks of the inside pages and photos!
On another note.....you might recall....before I signed off to a "small" blogging break in December (whoa! time flies!) it was just before my first market experience. Some of you already know from following my facebook page that it was a great experience; I am very happy to report that my crafts show was quite a success! It was a combination of many good things - I do not underestimate the support of my family & friends - it was frosty, subzero weather for hanging around outside for the entire weekend – but I believe the snowy and sunny winter weather added to the charm and brought lots of visitors to the Christmas market. While it was a very small market, no one else had products like mine so that certainly was positive, too.
 I am quite pleased with the many sales I made and the public response to my hand-made products in general. While it's fun to sell on etsy and dawanda and mail packages around the world (places far a little far away like the Netherlands and places was on the the other side of the globe like USA - Canada – Australia – even Hong Kong!) it was a real pleasure to talk to my customers face to face. It was also fun to see what a fabulous accountant and salesman my middle son is! More local shows will definitely be in the future for me (and I hope my son wants to join me again!).
See you tomorrow with more December Daily notes!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely way to record December, it always flies by but at least you have evidence that it did happen. :)
I'm really pleased your craft fair was a success, no surprise with your lovely creations though and that wonderful business partner if yours!!
Vivienne xxx

nest full of eggs said...

happy 2013 Karen !
You have become quite the professional crafter with business cards, 2 online shops and now a yearly craft fair ~ I'm so happy for your success and may you have more success this new year, too :)

Ivy Clad said...

Happy New Year, Karen! I'm so glad your craft show was a success. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your album.

I hope this year is splendid for you!