Monday, September 10, 2012

squirrels and this & that.....

September has been so lovely and sunny here. Sadly my boys and husband have been fighting rather stubborn colds and it's awful to see them sneezing and coughing when the weather is so perfect.

We harvested our first huge pumpkin. I counted about ten of these in our pumpkin patch! This was one of the biggest and I cut it up to to puree and freeze (for muffins and pies or soup)  - some of it we ate as soup or in a casserole. I gave half to my mother-in-law and she made a lovely pumpkin-peach jam. We are like squirrels getting ready for winter.
I enjoyed a peaceful Sunday yesterday, laying on a quilt in the garden, gazing at the blue blue sky with not a cloud, scurrying around in my little head like a squirrel - collecting my thoughts and making lots of plans.....

Sometimes I just like to look through my old scrapbooks. Here are a few of my fall pages from previous years. If I didn't write things down I would very likely forget the details (like a squirrel?) 
These half-sized sleeves are so nice - I like having the photo on the front and some journaling on the back. 
Speaking of son and I have been playing this squirrel game - just a generic game from the supermarket but it's so cute with the little pine-cones you collect in the tiny wheelbarrows.
It's always good when I can get excited about playing board games (over and over again!).

I think moms deserve a treat in fall so I am treating myself to a bit of creative fun with this sweet-looking mixed-media workshop. I have taken a few of Christy's on-line classes and she explains things so well - and it is so fun to watch her make her art. My daughter loves fall and Halloween and she promised she'd do the workshop projects together with me.

I am looking forward to "pumpkins and cider"!  Anyone want to join me?

My little squirrel houses are now available in my etsy shop but just had to keep one for myself! I think it makes such a lovely fall decoration in my living room. You can find the other two squirrel houses here and here.

Have a lovely Monday! 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Wow, what a brilliant pumpkin!!!
I love your scrapbooks, there's something very cosy about autumn colours. :)
What a sweet looking little game and beautiful little squirrel house too.:)
Happy new week Karen,
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...

that squirrel board game looks adorable :)
yes, you deserve a special treat after spending the entire summer with 3 kids !!!

Country Rabbit said...

wowza!!!! that pumpkin is huge- how wonderful!!!! the farm near my mother in Cornwall grows pumpkins, though usually not ready for another month!
I soooo loved your Autumnal scrapbook - sooo much beauty in Autumnal colours x

millefeuilles said...

What a comforting and inspiring post, Karen. I love pumpkins. It's probably the same in your part of the world; we have lots of different varieties and my children fortunately are as addicted to pumpkins soup as I am.

I am jolly glad to see you have treated yourself. I hope you'll be posting about it soon! ;-)

What an adorable board game, Squirrel Lady!