Tuesday, September 18, 2012

as promised....

....my newest scrapbook cover!

I discovered these lovely silhouettes in a Christmas crafts idea book (source here) with a mother, father, boy, girl and baby and immediately recognized my own family (of course, my baby is now seven, but that's beside the point!)  Actually, I did end up altering the design of the girl.

The how-to details: I first traced the silhouettes onto double-sided fusible interfacing, bonded them with the iron onto black linen and carefully cut them out. I then ironed each silhouette onto colored fabric and machine-stitched them on with black thread. Exact slow sewing but I love the results! I created little frames for each silhouette by sewing the colored fabric on top of layer of plain white cotton underneath to peek out at the edges.The final detail was a unique trim for each "portrait".
It was so fun to chose fabrics and trims that are the favorite color and/ or accentuates the personality of each family member. I also like the vintage 1950's feel - because in many respects our family does have a lot of traditional values. The contrast of the gray linen with the bright colors is perfect because my photos and the scrapbook papers I love are usually quite colorful.

The gray linen also just makes the colors pop. Our living room decor is very toned-down with a lot of gray and white and so book just fits in with the surroundings - to be honest, it is the same Ikea gray linen that I used to sew cushion covers!

By the time I sewed the jacket for this album it was already packed full of scrapbook pages of everyday moments, travels, birthdays....memories I want to celebrate and remember.
Sometimes I just took my inspiration from one of my own blog posts, such as this day my son and I rode our bikes to a sunflower field. Sometimes i just write a little handwritten note, sometimes I print out a typed paragraph or more about something I want to tell my children or just remember!

In this page it really was just my blog post cut up into strips and glued on! 
I also like to just make pretty pages about anything sweet in life, such as this girl who loves to bake.
Or a simple page about our garden:
If you are wondering, I love using the "modern album" from American Crafts, a nice quality ring-book for 12 x 12 inch pages.
This is the latest album I've purchased and just yesterday I put the first two finished scrapbook layouts into it. I already have an idea or two for a cover....:)



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful, beautiful album Karen!
The cover is wonderful, you are a very clever girl! :) Your children are going to be so grateful for these albums in the future when they want to look back on their childhood, it's so much more than a photo album, such a lot of love in there too!!
Happy Tuesday,
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...

I absolutely love everything about your cover !!!
The fabrics, the colors, the trims ~ it turned out perfect ~ bravo to you !
What a treasure for you & your family :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

It looks so pretty! The silhouettes are gorgeous!

I bet this is something that you'll be able to look back on with huge amounts of happiness in years to come! Such special memories!