Wednesday, September 26, 2012

a fall bouquet for you

because you are all so sweet to take the time to be stopping by my little blog today

our first weekend of fall was so warm and sunny
but the wind is picking up and the nights are longer and chilly
my flowers are quickly fading
so i brought some of my blooms inside
love those fragrant sweet-peas and the shiny rose hips

we also made a half liter or so of grape juice from the grapes that are growing along our house...each year the harvest is a little bit bigger

the sun flowers last week, now they are swaying in the wind and dripping with cold rain

in my opinion, this weather calls for tea. please look at the prettiest tea-time finds I collected in my latest treasury on esty here



Stephanie said...

It all looks so lovely. How wonderful you should make your own grape juice.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Being able to make your own grape juice sounds wonderful, your grapes look delicious!
My sunflowers were swaying about in the wind too this week.
Happy Wednesday Karen and I hope you've done your Italian homework!!! ;)
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...

I cannot believe all of the flowers you still have growing in your garden

Judith said...

Thank you Karen, for the beautiful autumn(oops..fall!)flowers, and I think any season I can drink a good cup of tea!! Enjoy your break too :) xx

Pauline said...

Still so many colors in nature.
I love the linen coasters on etsy.
Bye, Pauline