Friday, August 24, 2012

gift from the sea / collecting shells

the air was chilly and rain drizzled from the sky
the wind stung with salt and sand

but at the seashore the sky often opened up for the sun
and so our children enjoyed building sandcastles
and my husband and I took many barefoot walks along the ocean
all five of us ventured into the ice-cold North Sea several times
to splash and laugh in the waves

so refreshing, so invigorating!
the tides were dramatic
I find it easy to believe that the moon
has much power and influence
even far from the beach in the plants in our garden, in our lives

“perhaps this the most important thing for me to
take back from beach-living:
simply the memory that each cycle of the tide is valid;
each cycle of the wave is valid: each cycle of a
relationship is valid.”
on the first day, I simply enjoyed seeing the pretty shells from a distance
but after a while, I started to see a shell here or there
that was very special
still, I resisted the instinct - the urge -  to collect

(we already have many shells - and so many objects - in our house)

and yet, at the end of every day
I emptied out my beach bag at our vacation dwelling
to discover that a small selection of the prettiest shells had materialized

it seems that during the day
ten hands had each (secretly) slipped a sea treasure
or two in among the beach towels
and so we did return home with some 
gifts from the sea from this vacation 

“finding shells together
polishing chestnuts
sharing one's treasures:-
all these moments
of together-aloneness
are valid, but not permanent.”
 “The waves echo behind me,
Patience – Faith – Openness,
is what the sea has to teach,
Simplicity – Solitude – Intermittency...
but there are other beaches to explore.
There are more shells to find.
This is only a beginning.”

Quotes from “Gift from the Sea” by
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

sweet wishes for your Friday
PS thank you for your comments on my last post about Brügge - i am so touched by the many connections!


meine Dinge + Franka said...

Lovely the pictures of the seaside!!!

Heut gibt es bei mir *Brügge'!

♥ Franka

nest full of eggs said...

with your Brugge photos being the other day, I assume this beach was in Belgium? I remember visiting a beach in Belgium & I was so impressed with how flat & big it was, so different from our lake beaches here in MN.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely seaside post Karen.
I love collecting shells and sea glass, I could walk for miles and miles. :)
The moon and tides facinate me too!
Happy weekend,
Vivienne x

millefeuilles said...

Dear Karen,

I simply must follow your blog as each time I visit I am charmed by your perspective on life. We have just returned from our summer holiday on the southern coast of Brittany and so, of course, so much of what you write echoes my feelings about our past few days together. You have also given me food for thought. I shall think of you when I finger through our shell and stone collection.

Happy Sunday to you.


Arya Samaj Marriage Noida said...
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Judith said...

This is a lovely post Karen.
I love the words "There are
other beaches to explore, there are more shells
to find, this is only a beginning."
Such a reflection of our journey in life. x