Tuesday, May 15, 2012

easy crafts: super simple vase

Hello! I have an instant vase re-make to share today. In fact if you've been a follower of my blog then you might recognize it (I apologize for that!) 
What you need are a few pretty bottles, decorative paper and ribbons or ties. Cut the paper to size, wrap it around the bottle and secure it with clear tape - which you can then hide under the ribbon.

That's it! 
I love this little bottle because it actually reminds me of our little French vacation last year. My sons got thirsty as we toured the this beautiful historical park. After they drank their apple juice I had the honor of carrying big son's empty bottle in my purse. (Why is my purse always filled with my kid's stuff?!?!?) He rightfully pointed out that the bottle was quite unique and pretty and we couldn't just throw it away. 

I'm sure if you live in France this bottle is nothing special. 

But for me it is, it is a sweet memory and also a bit of a hug from my son every time I look at it.
If you had kids, you probably have collectors in your family. My daughter is minimalistic but my sons both have big issues with hoarding treasures. Bottle caps, feathers, stones, bits and pieces of wire, toy wheels, this and that.....for them decluttering is next to impossible because that would be like throwing away countless possibilities. The instinct to make new from old lives on!
Wishing you a lovely Tuesday! 


Rubyred said...

They look very pretty!
Rachel x

kitty loves custard said...

Just thought I would say hi!
They look so pretty! :D

joanie said...

They're sweet! How good you are. If it was my son's bottle it would have hit the recycling bin as soon as we got home.
Hope you're well. I'm starting to find my way back to blogland now. I love seeing the images of your garden, so glorious to have such a fantastic space :)

i.ikeda said...

Cute! I really like how delicate it came out. I'm guilty of keeping pretty bottles and upcycling them, so I completely understand your son's suggestion... And he was right! :)