Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easy crafts: how to make a mini paper garland / bunting

Buntings, banners and garlands are such a festive decor and so popular right now.

Making your own bunting out of paper is a really simple craft project that is super easy and quick. You can also do this with kids and they will love it.

You can make it as long or short as you want and in any type of style to match your decor.

For my project here, I wanted to make a mini-bunting to decorate the corner table in our kitchen. I took a few pages of vintage book paper from an old book. I found it at a library flea-market for 50 cents. Old book paper has a nice creamy color and just adds a unique touch. I also used a few left-over pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper. These cute "Thrift Shop" papers from October Afternoon have just the right colors & patterns for my kitchen. 

You can use any kind of paper that suits your fancy!

Gather your supplies:

paper for the garland
paper for making templates
glue stick
your favorite pencil
and some pretty string

First you need to make a template for your banner flags. I find the easiest way to make shapes is to go to my text program on the computer and make triangles and other shapes in different sizes. Print them out and cut out the shapes.

Next you will fold your decor papers in half. Lay your template on top of the folded paper. The top part of the flag shape will be at the fold.

Trace the sides of the template and cut through the folded paper.

Place all your flags along the string to see how they look and decide what order you want them to be in / how far apart they should be. Tie a loop at one the end of the string. Now you can start gluing.

With the string in the crease of the fold, spread the glue to one inner side of the flag. Fold it together and your first flag is done!

Continue the process until all the flags are glued. Cut your string and tie a loop at the other end. Hang it up and enjoy!

Here are some ideas on how to individualize your project:

You don't have to use expensive scrapbook paper. You could paint / stamp on plain paper to make it very artistic and individual. Earth-friendly papers such as recycled envelopes, newspapers, old wrapping paper etc result in very cool garlands too.

Experiment using yarn or twine or fabric strips for the string.

You can get really creative and make these in super-tiny to add to greeting cards or album pages.

Add letter stickers or stamp letters on each flag to spell words like "summer" or "happy birthday" or a child's name. Add glitter and flowers or other embellishments for more dimension.

The variations really are endless. I hope you are inspired to make a paper bunting!



nest full of eggs said...

super sweet :)

Monica said...

I love bunting flags, I had made one for my son's room out of an old map, and it looks great!

Mervi said...

What an adorable paper bunting!!! I once made one with book pages, it was a fun little project. I'd love to make one with more colorful papers... your paper choices are perfect :)! And so you too!!!

Jochris said...

thanks for sharing your ideas!