Friday, May 4, 2012


our lawn is really not a lawn of grass but a field of wildflowers
we like it that way
it is so cheerful to see all the yellow dandelions
smiling and sunny
what child does not love to blow out the puffs!
dandelions are edible and healthy
i like to make dandelion jelly with organic lemons and oranges
it has a lovely citrus and slightly nutty flavor

if you are interested in trying this you can glimpse at my recipe here, but it is in German

i can not explain to you how to make jelly
but if you know the basics, then you can easily make this
use approx 125 grams of dandelion flowers, 1/ 4 organic orange and 1 lemon per 300 ml water
(i often just add the entire orange!)
rinse off the dandelions that you have gathered from a wild place not right next to the street
squeeze the citrus and then add the whole fruit
bring to a boil and then turn off the heat, let sit for an hour or longer.
strain the juice
add the sugar and prepare according to your jelly method

very delicious!
happy weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

That's one chilled out looking pussy cat!! :)_
Aren't dandelions just an amazing colour!
Have a great weekend Karen,
Vivienne x

nest full of eggs said...

you made dandelion jelly !?!
you are so talented !

Country Rabbit said...

how wonderful xx

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

i'm very interested in trying this Karen ! any idea how many flowers it takes to make 125 grams ? approximately of course. more like 100 or 1000 ?!
not sure I have enough in our own yard must check if i find a yellow field somewhere ;)
also I have t be honest I'm so surprised (and admirative) that you write your recipes in Deutsch ! Mind you, some of mine are in English and I don't even have an English speaking spouse !!
is it too nosy to ask if you already spoke German before you met your husband ?

Karen said...

Valerie, I did not count flowers while gathering! But I would say you need 1 1/2 to 2 medium size bowls full to get 125 grams. If you find a full field you will pick that many in no time.
As to the German, I was studying the language and perhaps half-way to fluent when I met my wonderful guy!
I found this recipe from a German source, so it was just easier to copy it down that way. You would laugh to see my shopping lists - they are a crazy mix of whatever the first word to pop in my head is!
I hope you try the recipe! xo

tinajo said...

Sounds great - and I like dandelions too! :-)

Ivy Clad said...

I used to love to blow the dandelions around the yard when I was a kid (to my dad's dismay). Now I laugh when I see my two-year-old furiously blowing every one she can find.

Your dandelion jelly sounds amazing. I wish I had some right now!


Mervi said...

I'll be seeing LOTS and LOTS of those yellow thingies in my yard... it's not the time yet but in a couple of weeks, they've taken over the yard ;). That jelly sounds really interesting... I might give it a try someday.

Happens to me too... as I use english daily, sometimes my notes are in english, sometimes in finnish. I tend to write shopping lists in finnish though ;). But I love it that way... more languages makes it more fun. Last night I was studying for a spanish test with N... and I'm so much behind him as I had my spanish classes over 20 years ago. I seriously have to think about start leaning more spanish!!!