Wednesday, March 28, 2012

spring's natural palette of soft colors and textures

Lately I've been finding that the neutral tones of spring are so graceful, quiet, and delicately full of the promise of new life. As cheerful as they are, the bright primroses, pansies and tulips in our garden seem almost unreal compared to what nature is offering right now. I went out on a walk with my camera this week and found a limited palette of four colors: various shades of white, soft browns, little bits of fresh yellow-green and a pure sky-blue. I have also noticed a loveliness in the variety of spring textures.

The first stop on my walk was to visit these 4-week old lambs who I've been watching grow up quickly. Wooly white and brown on these sweet babes - don't you just adore their dear little faces?

 The very first blossoms are all white in a landscape that is still barren:
 More mama sheep patiently waiting....
Fuzzy things exploding before a clear blue sky
masses of poetry in the tree branches
new green life in the forest
and a scattering of anemone nemorosa  - little white roses - on the forest floor
I think of antique linen
sweet embroidery from days past
(which inspired me to make this bag simple and sweet)
stacks of fading gray baskets, white winter wool for lingering cool evenings, the first fresh and glossy garlic-y chives and herbs appearing in the garden....
the softness of a much loved and shabby vintage family bunny (which reminds me of one of my all-time favorite children's stories - maybe one of yours too?)
"And so time went on, and the little Rabbit was very happy - so happy that he never noticed how his beautiful velveteen fur was getting shabbier and shabbier, and his tail was coming unsewn, and all the pink rubbed off his nose where the Boy had kissed him."
 (from "The Velveteen Rabbit" by Margery Williams)

Many happy spring wishes to you today! 


nest full of eggs said...

lovely spring photos ~ those 4 wk old lambs are just adorable, how I <3 spring !

Judith said...

Such a lovely spring walk!
I love the story of the The Velveteen rabbit.
Enjoy the sunshine Karen. :) x

Monica said...

Beautiful pictures, love the bag and the family heirloom.