Thursday, March 8, 2012

snippets of spring

Little bits of spring  -
or in German  -
(I sincerely do love the German language, really!)
Snippets of spring are the first bright (nearly shocking!) splashes of color like these pretty primroses.

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Speaking of languages and new beginnings....I decided to take an Italian for beginners class. For no real reasons but just for fun, for the challenge, for the love of beautiful things. I love sitting with my kids while they do their homework and having my OWN homework to do! I am a very keen student right now, thirsting for new knowledge....just like the pretty spring blooms yearn for sunshine and buzzing winged friends.



Sandra van Doorn said...

well Bongiorno then! i love Italian, it seems everything is always sounds so much more beautiful in that language...

Mervi said...

I love spring flowers... after long winter they're such a great way to add color to our everyday life. Little things of joy!!!

Wow, italian... I took a few lessons in italian a long time ago. And I've visited the country a couple of times and I love using the local language where-ever I travel (if I just know any!). I think my choice for language lessons would be... hmm... japanese ;).

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Those little primroses definitely 'shout' spring! :)
Vivienne x

millefeuilles said...

Good for you! Italian is certainly melodic and expressive and there is no better time to be a student than as an adult! It shows you children that working and learning is fun too, right?

Valerie said...

so cool you're able to learn italian. so hard to find affordable language classes for adults here.
italian was not available in high school where i was, but my daughter has been lucky enough to find a school that offers this. and she's enjoying her italian classes (they are 2 students for 1 teacher !!)
i'm trying to picture you with your nnotebook at the table with your children doing homework... happy sight.
love the color of your primrose (and the word in german, i remember enough of my german to actually SAY it !)
have a lovely week Karen xo

Mark said...

Lovely photos, Karen. I hope you're having a good Spring!