Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail

Do you know Peter Rabbit's sisters? Perhaps you have memories of someone lovingly reading you Beatrix Potter's tales, or you've read them yourself to your children, or both? In my case, both. I think it was my grandmother who read me these tales. I remember even as an older child absolutely adoring the illustrations of all the Potter books - even into my teens year I still thought she was "cool" (because at that age I was the kind of girl who put maps of England on my bedroom walls  - next to the British rock bands of course!).
My children are a bit too old now but they each had their favorite tale. My daughter used to really giggle at the story of the two naughty mice in the doll house and my sons had much compassion for Peter and his narrow garden escape from Mr. McGregor.

I was able to get this one small length of gorgeous bunny print and have created three artsy little spring or Easter bags. They were so fun to make! At first the print just looks romantic and lovely but at second glance you notice all the rabbits! I think Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail are just the perfect names for them.

But sort of like a character from a Potter book who gets into mischief, just as I was about to list these in my shop this morning two things happened: I spilled green tea on the back of Mopsy which made a lovely stain all the way through the lining...and our phone and internet died. I think that actually saved me from listing my ruined purse. So no longer a trio, but a super sweet nonetheless.
I guess Mopsy will hang in my studio as a reminder to self to not drink tea near my creations!

Happy Days to you! 
PS Has anyone seen the Miss Potter movie?


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Those are darling! Beautiful work!!

nest full of eggs said...

yes, I really enjoyed the Miss Potter movie :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe what a shame, poor Mopsy!!
Your little bags are so pretty Karen, the fabric is beautiful. :)
I and my daughter loved, actually still do love anything to do with Beatrix Potter. The film Miss Potter was wonderful!
Vivienne x

Sandra van Doorn said...

beautiful work.

we all do it don’t we spill something?

i once dipped my paint brush in my coffee. Once. Twice. and yes a third time too.

and then i thought it was really time to go for a walk... :)

Judith said...

Gorgeous little bags!
I love Beatrix Potter as did my 2 girls when they were little. Her illustrations are just beautiful and she was such an interesting woman. I read her biography and really enjoyed it, but I was quite disappointed in the film.
Enjoy your Spring Karen! :)