Friday, February 10, 2012

nature's canvas

After so many freezing days we finally got snow here. I think we were the last little spot in all Europe to finally see something white. We did have so many days of clear skies and sun  - I'm not complaining - but the world covered in sparkling glitter is even nicer!
The first thing that must be done when the yard is transformed into a new landscape is to plow some new paths for the tractor and trailer. Especially when the snow is too dry and flaky for a snowman.
The curious kitties seem to find the snow as invigorating as the children. I think they like flaunting their trails of paw prints to give us a hint of their secret excursions.

Snow is sort of like nature's blank canvas that we quickly fill up with fleeting marks of our activity.
I love the juxtaposition of textures here - the cottony snow on a piece of rough firewood.

Beauty is where you find it and I am linking my middle photo here because I am having a lot of fun playing along with this challenge this year!  



nest full of eggs said...

I think that you're having a colder & snowier winter than we are here...
the paw prints in the snow are so cute :)

millefeuilles said...

Yes, you are right! Snow is nature's blank canvas! I am so happy for you that snow finally graced your neck of the woods. Have fun marvelling at it!

Warm wishes,


memmu said...

Oh, you really had to wait for the snow. It's a bit different here as I think I'm totally done with the cold winter by now... it's been so cold and we've got our share of snow too. So, I'm ready for spring. Although... I have to say that some of these cold, snowy days are absolutely beautiful if you see the sun too!!! Take care and stay warm!!! :)

We don't have pets in our house... but there are a few brown hares in our neighborhood and they really like to visit our yard ;).

Roselie said...

I love snow so much, winter wonderland is one of the most beautiful things ever!It still hasn't snowed here though it's really cold.

Ivy Clad said...

It's beautiful; I'm so glad you've had a good snowfall! We have only had one snow this winter, but it is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I do hope we get some! After it melts, I think I will be completely satisfied with winter and ready for spring.

Have a wonderful week!


annie said...

So pretty...the dusting of snow on a piece of really is the simple things. I love your previous post about the cute what your little 6 year old said..making clouds with his kid!