Sunday, February 5, 2012

happy frosty things

Little things that made me happy this frosty February week:

My 6-year old looking at his breath outside in the cold and asking me, "Can you make clouds too?"

Standing in a sunny spot in the garden and feeling the sun's warmth on my back despite the subzero temperatures.

The clear blue sky and longer days.

Having a childless Sunday for just my husband and me. The house absolutely quiet except for the crackling of the fire. Walking together through the icy forest, quietly, just listening to the birds and the leaves rustling underfoot, trickling water under frozen streams, holding hands through thick mittens.

Thinking about maybe...maybe...signing up for a beginner's Italian class. Maybe.

Enjoying my friend's new blog and her frosty decorations in Finland.

While walking in the cold forest suddenly thinking about the movie we watched with our children on Christmas Eve, a wonderful tale of Santa Claus which was filmed in Lapland.  Reflecting on something I heard this morning that we can have the love and light of Christmas in our hearts all year round.

Making a couple new treasury lists on Etsy and finding new favorites in that steamy jungle of lovely things! I have not yet figured out how to post them on my blog but I have found so many pretty things. Please take a look all the gorgeous things I've found in my two latest treasuries here and here. Enjoy!

And finally, adding some new pretty patchwork tote bags to my shop.
 Happy Sunday! 


memmu said...
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memmu said...

Lovely post again, Karen... sounds like you had a lovely Sunday with your husband. We've got that Joulutarina dvd as well :). It was a really cold week... and yesterday I wasn't too happy to find out that the pipes of the washing machine are frozen and the machine won't work. So, now we're trying to melt them... It's only -7°C today... feels SO warm after those below -20°C :). Have a good week!!! -mervi ps. Those new totes of yours are so summery... :)))

Betty said...

I hope you will write down the things your children say in a little booklet somewhere - when they grow up you will have a lovely collection to look back on.