Saturday, February 25, 2012

first blooms and bunnies

A hint of spring is suddenly in the air!
My little one and I took our bikes to the garden shop yesterday and the sun felt so unusually warm on our backs.
This morning we took a little walk in the forest and it was so warm that we soon were shedding our coats! The boys stopped for a while to admire a giant forest tractor and I took that quiet moment to listen to two woodpeckers knocking and tapping in a bird dialogue and the cheerful chirping of other birds in the background.
I know it's still winter but we're on our way to a warmer season. A few little purple crocuses have popped up overnight in our lawn.
I have designed and sewn up a few linen bags for children and put them in my shop - so sweet for spring and Easter.
To find out more about the Phoebe, Hannah and Olivia bags, just click on their names!

Have a lovely weekend!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Your bags are precious, and I know that any girl would love them!

Ivy Clad said...

It sounds like you had my kind of day. I love it when the doves start cooing around here. I have a few daffodils starting to pop up too. Yay!!! I'm so ready.

I adore the little handbags you've made & I have pinnned several from your shop to my Pinterest boards. They would be so perfect and clever for Easter baskets that last beyond Easter!


millefeuilles said...


Your snowdrop flowers are so beautiful and your Easter bags are JUST what I love. Aren't spring colours the best?

Lollaswelt said...

Bei uns war am Freitag so wundervolles Wetter - so : "in Wolldecke eingewickelt und im Liegestuhl mit gutem Buch - sitz" - Wetter.....ich kann es auch kaum erwarten bis es endlich Frühling wird - genug jetzt mit Winter!!!!
Deine Taschen sind übrigens ganz allerliebst geworden!!!
Liebe Grüße und schönen Sonntag!

Mervi said...

Beautiful spring flowers! Already! We've got plenty of snow and no greens around yet... but in a couple of months...

You've been busy... lovely bunny bags!!! So special for any girl!!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

nest full of eggs said...

I love everything about your spring bags !!! the fabrics, the colors, the bunnies ~ can you tell I love spring !?!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful spring photos Karen!
I saw your little bags on Etsy, they are so pretty. :)
Vivienne x

Helena, Craft and Creativity said...

I found a lot of inspiration here at your blog. Your bags are simply adorable! Great mix of colors and patterns. Have a wonderful weekend! :)