Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh dear that alarm clock rang this morning
the children had to get up for school
which means I had to wake them
I think there were four zombies trying to eat their cereal this morning
I made bowls of hot chocolate for them as a small motivation
somehow, they made it out the door
and now here I am 
in this very quiet house
taking down the Christmas décor and so happy to finally be
stopping in to say hello again!
For some reason, despite the large selection of herbal teas in my cupboard, I have been addicted to this simple generic peppermint tea these past days. Maybe that is my word for the year? Simple. Like that.

January has blown in with very stormy weather over western Europe -still no sign of snow - but yesterday I spied some tulips poking their way up. 
By lucky chance, I also captured a fleeting moment of blue sky and moon between the rain and wind. Hard to believe that few minutes later this was covered again for the rest of the day.
There were mostly gray skies and rain during the holidays but the house was merry and bright with many visitors bringing so much cheer!

We attended two memorable Christmas Eve services and enjoyed lovely Christmas brunches and meals with extended family (Christmas is two and a half days long in Germany so that is a lot of eating!)

My boys were very happy it did not rain on New Year's Eve so they could launch their little firecrackers and rockets at midnight.

With no snow to sled on and dreary drizzle, we mostly stuck to the indoors and enjoyed fun movies, solved many cases of "Clue" and spent hours putting puzzles of tractors and trains together. Worth mentioning as well was a serious 2-day game of "Monopoly" with cousins that was peacefully conducted and concluded (more or less - ha ha! - what a crazy game!) 

I do love family time!
On the first day of this year I had a mini in-house craft show and was thrilled to sell a bunch of my tote bags and décor. This just reminds me that one of my goals this year is to shed some of my shyness (over 40 and still shy, will that never go away?) and be bold and attend a crafts show as a seller. It's actually quite amazing that so many artists on etsy do so well, because one of the biggest joys of many handmade goods is the sheer loveliness you can only experience in a tactile, sensual way. I am thrilled when I can capture a tiny bit of that in a photo.
Many of those sold items were scheduled to go up in my etsy shop soon so I am back to the sewing table, with pleasure, to make new and lovely things. (The mushroom girl's purse was sold but it's so cute I am going to sew another similar one!)
Here are some sneak peaks of what you will find in my shop very soon. 
I will be adding new things every week in January so do check often!  
Wishing you a healthy and lovely start to the new year!


Country Rabbit said...

the beautiful sky, the mushroom crafting cut outs and the floral patterned craft box's- lovely creations!! really beautiful. happy simple and creative new year xx

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Karen... I loved this post! Especially the part of you talking about the shyness... because I feel just like you!!! And now as I'm 40 too... I wish to do the same as you!!! Lovely things you've been sewing... I made a lot before Christmas too but sold many of them and then gave them forward as gifts too. Now I'm ready for a new season and new things... Wishing you a wonderful year of 2012!!! Keep in touch! -mervi

nest full of eggs said...

sounds like you had nice holidays. your patchwork drawstring tote & matching ballerina doll w/tutu are just adorable :)

Cozy Memories said...

Happy New Year to you, dear Karen !
I love to see that you're bursting with creative energy, it can only be very positive for you & your family (a happy mama makes a happy family)
May 2012 be as simple & good as can be. Big hugs oxox