Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a bit less

A teenage girl who campaigns for animal rights has decided to go vegan for her first month of her fifteenth year. She's been a vegetarian for two years without one look back. I'm proud of her commitment and conviction. I do cook many vegetarian meals each week but it's not like there isn't (organically raised) meat in our house. But seeing images of mass farms and a slaughterhouse in the news the other night made me think again about if I really want to eat meat, organic or not. Saying goodbye to dairy products though...I don't think that would work for me.
She made these vegan oatmeal cookies on Sunday and they are absolutely delicious. She found the recipe on the internet and added dried cranberries instead of raisins. I have to careful to not eat them away from her  - they are so good!
While she is iron-willed with her goals, I can only dream. But I will proudly say that I am trying! I have cut my coffee consumption by 2/3 since Sunday and now on Wednesday am still holding out! And feeling much better.
January is an excellent time of the year for a bit less, don't you think?


Svenja said...

i can understand that girl ;) i am a vegetarian too, since i am 7 years old!!
those cookies look delicious.

have a nice day, svenja

memmu said...

Wow, she's really made up her mind and you sure have to be proud of her. Brave girl!

By the way, I just put up my blog today!!! Can you believe that?! I'm quite proud of myself... because that's been in my mind for so long. I still need to learn SO much but I will, little by little... and with a little help from my friends too :).

Enjoy your day... I'm going to work soon!

Hugs, mervi

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Good for your daughter and I commend her on her principals.
I'm a vegetarian but have never tried to go vegan. My son tried it for a month last year, it's easy at home but when you eat out that's when it becomes difficult.
Her cookies look wonderful. :)
Vivienne x

millefeuilles said...

I am truly impressed by your daughter's convictions. Like you I would find it difficult to do with out dairy products, especially cheese (living in France as we do).

I always feel that coffee is my one real vice. I fear I have gone up to two (sometimes three) cups a day after years of being at just one FABULOUS cup a day. How much are you consuming now since Sunday and which difference to you feel?

Well done for raising such a thoughtful daughter... and a darn good cook too!

Mark said...

My mouth is watering looking at these scrumptious treats. Yum!