Wednesday, November 23, 2011

fall (part two)

It's still fall here, even though our town has put up the Christmas lights and there are stars and Santas appearing in people's windows. It's still fall and November has been so sunny and dry that ski season in the Alps has been postponed (according to the news) and sadly our river Rhine is down almost too low for ships.

Is it fall where you live? Has snow fallen? Or is it a different season alltogether? I am curious....

I am also curious, because I have the feeling many of you out there are as in love with this season as I am, what do you love most about fall? 

I certainly couldn't decide on one thing in particular. But I can narrow down some favorite things:

the vibrant colors
the magic of beaded spiderwebs and glittery frost
the element of gratitude for the fall harvest
(because gratitude is wholeness and happiness)
a big low moon
red berries on bare branches
lanterns & songs & sweet rolls (German tradition of St. Martin)
costumes & pumpkins & candy (US tradition of Halloween)

Oh dear, the list is getting longer than I wanted!

One more fave I must mention though are the mushrooms that seem to pop up overnight in all different variations in the garden and forest. Even in my studio artsy & lovely fall fungi have appeared!
I was inspired by mix & match, pretty fabrics and embellishments, found & re-purposed materials and of course the magic of autumn. These decorative softies are really unique and fun for a child or the child at heart! 
As usual, I have given each one a name such as "Tweet" and "Dotty" and if you like, you can see all of them here!

I'm sure you will agree though that one of the very best parts of fall is anticipating Advent and Christmas. . I am super excited because I have signed up for an e-course “The 12 Arsty Ornaments of Christmas”. This course has such a cool line up of mixed-media artists who will be presenting projects. I have never done an e-course before and am really looking forward to it.  I just hope I have most of the materials on hand. I can hardly wait until the 5th!



un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

oh you lucky !
our weather has been mild, and wet... lots of mist/fog... not a nice combination when you have asthma like me... and there are plenty of mushrooms in the nearby woods, even in our yard ! but none of them as pretty as yours !!
An e-course must be fun ! I'm going to visit the link right away.
I don't have the time to sign for whatever but I'm sure I'd love it !
Will you show us your creations after the course ?

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

it sounds very exciting !!
and the photos on the site are beautiful !

Karen said...

Thanks for looking Valerie. Of course I will show you what I create!!!! But don't you think it is funny, since I have signed up I've had several ideas for my own ornaments so I should probably sketch them down before I forget :) hugs