Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dangle, twirl, pirouette...a bit of magic hanging in the air

Last night there was definitely a bit of fairy magic in our house... a milk tooth carefully placed under a pillow turned into a shiny Euro.
My youngest son has been waiting for what must seem to him for forever to have a loose tooth. All of his friends have long been showing off their wiggling teeth. Finally, last week, he felt the first little wiggle in his mouth. Last evening we cuddled together to read “Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth” which made him wiggle & giggle; Little Rabbit looses her tooth in her chocolate ice-cream and has “a window in her mouth”. It's a really cute book from 1975 by Lucy Bate;  to me very special because my grandmother gave it to my oldest children in one of her last years with us.
The story ends with Little Rabbit finding a coin under her pillow the next day, and my son and I wondering how many more days until his tooth would fall out. Just as I was telling him those words that children dread ("pajamas" and "bedtime") the phone rang, my daughter calling for me to pick her up in town. When I arrived back to the house ten minutes later, there was my very proud and radiant son with a “window in his mouth” and a tiny tiny tooth in his palm!

He grew out of being a baby long ago, but somehow, this really marks the beginning of the end of the baby era in our house.


Well, twirly wiggling dancing is in my head, I have put up a few new pretty things that hang and dangle in my shop.

I love mobiles and garlands. I fondly remember a wooden butterfly mobile I bought for my first baby (ages ago!) and how exciting it was to see her little face delight in the bright colors and shapes. Mobiles and babies go together like ….loose teeth and ice-cream. But I think at all ages people adore mobiles. Maybe there is something relaxing about them. My grandmother had many pretty maritime mobiles in her beach cottage - fish and boats and such, and my other grandmother was an artist and made some funky abstract pottery mobiles in the 70's. The kind that make a comforting soft chiming clatter in a breeze.
I loved all of those when I was a little girl and I think that has inspired my fabric garlands and mobiles a bit. 

Happy Wednesday!


nest full of eggs said...

we've been having lots of milk teeth under the pillow over here this year, but American quarters are left behind instead of Euros :)

Karen said...

That is funny about the tooth fairy isn't it?! She's always got the right currency :)

Mark N. said...

The tooth fairy has been quite busy at our house in the last few weeks, also!

joanie said...

Wow! That is a very big deal. I bet he was poking his tongue through that little window for days. As you know my baby just turned 10 - the end of an era for me too. Seems like a whirlwind from here on end.

I love the look of your book, very sweet.