Thursday, September 22, 2011

late summer treasures

The days are getting shorter and the evenings are crisp. We have resumed our cozy reading sessions on the sofa, which is so nice. My youngest is already a school boy now and so busy with important responsibilities, friends, homework & play, no time for mom anymore, and yet, he turns into a mama-cuddle-monster the minute we start reading. How I cherish that! His favorite book the past days has been "Look What I found" and I don't mind reading it over and over. It is a Sesame Street book in which the characters go off on a field trip in the forest and find all kinds of treasures.
So in that spirit, let me share with you what we have found recently:) To start with, many, many walnuts. Thankfully I have two helpers who have really helped with the harvest. Everyday I spread the nuts out on a sunny place to dry. Just thinking of all the brownies I will bake motivated my son to pick as many as he could! I am thinking of caramelizing them in a pan to munch on for a winter's snack.....mmmm!
 It is easy to find treasures on Etsy. The difficult part is making a choice with so many possibilities! We found this lovely artist based in Michigan and I had one pair shipped to my mom on the west coast, and one pair shipped to my daughter here with me. They look so pretty on her, she loves the romantic vintage look. I'll be back to her shop again for sure!
Summer's colorful finale in the garden has started and this rose by my front door is a miracle. I have to admit, I have some trouble with roses because I like my plants to be as self-sufficient as possible. And not only am I not a good rose-mama, but this rose was run over several times in it's first years by a child-sized tractor with a small boy on it :) Yet, it blooms in the spring, very pretty, and then in fall, no longer just pretty but absolutely stunning. The fragrance reaches you just walking by. Amazing.
 I've used the pretty rose hips from a wild rose under our apple tree to make an autumn decoration by the front door.
I usually leave garden flowers outdoors but I did have to bring a lovely dahlia in my studio....a place where I am working hard these days, I will soon show you more!

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