Thursday, September 15, 2011

basking in september's sun

September has been blessing us with some very lovely sunny days! We've been able to take our family swimming in our favorite lake on the first two weekends this month, the temperatures have been up and down, but fortunately, very pleasant on the Saturdays. How lucky we are! 

I know it's fall, but I am full of a kind of springtime energy: baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, making the last of the berries into jams....and making big plans (more on that soon!). I'm full of so many ideas right now and feel very productive at carrying them out. My husband jokes that I have that pregnant nest-instinct, but it's not that. Maybe it is a result of the calm summer we had with devoting a lot of time to doing things with our children. I think it's also a result of making some important decisions, setting priorities, and saying "NO!" to several commitments I had been involved in. And some good books I've read in the last few months have been helpful: Karen Kingston's famous Feng Shui book on getting rid of clutter in your home, and just recently, "Organized Simplicity" by Tsh Oxenreider. I highly recommend both!

It's enjoying the simple things, and trying to apply my energy to one task at a time, rather than multi-tasking. (OK, I admit I'll never stop doing that completely!) Homemade pesto is such a pleasure to make when you're not in a rush to the next task. And more fun to eat, too!  

The whole family has been working together to stack the firewood for the coming winter. (My husband does all the hard work logging and splitting). So sweet when our littlest son gets up on the tractor trailer to hand us wood and the older kids are there too, making the work go much faster and also a lot more fun!

A few days ago I even painted our garage door white and it looks great! So happy I did that, why didn't I think of that sooner???! I don't have a photo of it yet, because I want to give it one final coat of paint, but here is a glimpse of what it looked like before:
 Now I can sit here at my favorite little spot in our garden and see pretty white and not old metal!

The cats are also enjoying the warmth of these last summer days.  I hope you have some sunshine in your corner on the world, too.


Valerie said...

you're such a smart loving person who knows what is really important in life ! i admire that and i say YES ! a big YES !!!
these are lovely seasonal photos with a beautiful light. your pesto looks yummy, your stack of wood looks like ours (even bigger !) and congratulations on the garage door ! if you ever feel bored or wanting some more paint jobs : look no further i'll trade B&B for a nice helper !!
i hope your september will continue to be blessed with an indian summer xoxo

nest full of eggs said...

enjoy your September sun ! thanks for sharing the organized simplicity book title ~ I'll check that one out :)

Karen said...

Thanks you two sweet souls for stopping by and leaving me such nice messages! You are so uplifting, Valerie, and Rachel, do check out that book, I promise you won't regret it! xoxo Karen

madhu said...

Beautiful....enjoying your blog :-)