Friday, June 17, 2011

handmade embellishments

I do promise a part two of my art journal soon but it seems to be taking a rest while I juggle preschool field trips, berries in the garden, everyday life which always kinds of explodes into so many tasks at the end of the school year. When I get too busy I know I should be mopping the floor but instead usually find a certain sense of "creative retreat" putting together layouts for my family scrapbooks. So here's a peak into what I've been doing recently.

I splurged on a new batch of supplies from this fantastic shop - highly recommend it if you live in Germany. As usual, total bliss when the package arrived with all the gorgeous papers. But then I realized I ordered mostly papers and hardly any little embellishments so I spent a morning making some of my own. I started with a few sketches:
Then I set to work playing around with my new papers (and some old papers as well). I had meant to add some textures with felt and other materials but was just so happy with the patterned paper that I didn't get that far. So much fun!
Trying out a layout or two here with this photo of my son I have in my pile of "photos & stories" waiting to be added to my many possibilities....
Hope you're not too busy to find a few moments of creativity for yourself this weekend!
xoxo Karen

1 comment:

Valerie said...

You made these ?!!
I'm a complete dumb with paper in my hands ! I'm very impressed by all this... maybe you could have my daughter for a course, she enjoys collages and such ;)
meanwhile I'm going to show her this post, for inspiration
happy Summer to you Karen xx