Monday, May 30, 2011


Special treat this weekend, a new recipe we tried out from a recent issue of "Landliv" magazine (a gorgeous Scandinavian decorating magazine that is now available in Germany). These are really just brownies with a dollop of chocolate-chip cookie dough on top. The strawberries fresh from the garden are the perfect finishing touch :)



Valerie said...

Landliv is a fantastic magazine (I read one issue on each of our Swedish trips) and these brownies look delicious !! it is certainly a yummy combo with homegrown strawberries - which are the tastiest ones aren't they ?!
your post made my Monday, so glad to hear from you again. enjoy your week xx

nest full of eggs said...

strawberries fresh from your garden!?! wow ! we just planted raspberry bushes in our backyard, hoping for raspberries next year...