Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Palette

I know – it's more than a bit late – but I hope 2011 has started well for you. May you find much beauty and joy in the simple things that surround you in this new year! January always seems to have a cocoon-like spell on me. You're likely to find me wrapped up on the sofa with some good books – or reversely full of energy tackling major organization projects in the house. In January we celebrate our first child's birthday with family and friends. After that I generally decide it's really high time to put away the Christmas tree and décor. I was more than happy to exchange the high-voltage red for a softer palette: gray and white, pastel pink, dusty violet and a bit of green as a promise that spring will soon be around the corner. A tiny spot of fuchsia for spice. The robin flew from my branch and a blue bird came in his place.

My idea of a perfect January morning: a dreamy sunrise, coffee with milk and cd's by Norwegian singer Rebekka Bakken playing in the background.

Sometimes those kind of perfect mornings even grow into the type of day where there is time to be creative in the studio. I loved sewing these patchwork hearts to hang up next to blue bird.

I do think February will bring some paper flowers....but for now, we will enjoy the simple bareness of the branch with a pretty candle.
In the garden the frost lingers on but the layers of December snow have disappeared. My youngest son and I check the flower beds frequently to see if any of the bulbs we planted last fall are poking their heads up yet. Less than we can count on our fingers. Sleep on, sweet tulips; the birds may be chirping but snowflakes are still dancing in the air.

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Sonia said...

oh Karen, what a joy to read you & see that everything is going well for you all this winter. You always know how to make of your home a warm, cozy & inviting place. The patchwork hearts are so beautiful, and so is everything else that you showed in your lovely photos :)
much love your way. Take care oxox