Saturday, October 30, 2010

party preperations

Do you like Halloween? I have mixed feelings about it - but of course having grown up in the USA, I have fond memories. Trick-or-treating and dressing up in various costumes my mom sewed - a ladybug, a ghost, etc. and oodles of candy - a child's dream!

My two oldest children have decided to throw parties for their friends this year; just leafing through our little collection of Martha Stewart magazines get us all inspired.

Everyone is excited - we'll play games, carve a jack-o-lantern and I think I'll serve pumpkin soup in the shell, with fresh baked bread sticks. What child doesn't love to dress up in costume? It's been a few years since our last party. Plus....we do have a box of decorations in the cellar and when else will we use our special Halloween cookie cutters?

So much of the fun is the preparation, don't you think? I loved seeing how concentrated the children each worked on their invitations. Even though they were quite simple - we just photocopied some of the M. Stewart templates - the children were creative with their handwriting and I think they turned out rather nice!

Even our cat Spooky seems to have gotten in the mood and become part of the natural Halloween decor in front of the house!

I hope - wherever you may be - that you have a Happy Halloween and a good start into the month of November.....


memmu said...

They made wonderful invitations!!! Hope you'll have a great party!

Happy Halloween, Karen... to you and your family :)!

ps. N says "you've got a nice cat!" :)

ninimakes said...

Yes, I love Halloween because it's my baby's birthday. We just survived her birthday slumber party with six eight and nine year old girls! I'm now having a cup of tea and catching up with friends.
The invites are great, have a fun party!